Meguiar's Tire Shine 3-pack
  • Meguiar's Tire Shine 3-pack


    Convenient and easy to use aerosol delivery. Applies smoothly and evenly. In one easy step add a rich, black shine to your tires with Meguiar’s Tire Shine in a 3-pack. Loaded with polymers and silicones for a shine that lasts. Gives tires a traditional, rich, black shine. Spreads evenly for a drip-free finish. 45oz total (15oz per can of Tire Shine). Simply spray and walk away.



    Gives Tires a Traditional, Rich, Black Shine

    Loaded with Ploymers and Silicones for a Shine That Lasts

    Spreads Evenly for a Drip-Free Finish

    Simply Spray and Walk Away

    45 oz (15 oz Each Tire Shine)


    Ref: 1242654