New English Tea and Tea Caddy 2-pack
  • New English Tea and Tea Caddy 2-pack


    These Vintage Victorian Tea Caddies, in mint-green tins with intricate gold embossing and Forget-Me-Not flower imagery, contain 240 English Breakfast Teabags, all foil-wrapped for freshness.
    Each stylish Tea Caddy is 9 inches tall and has a diameter of 6 inches. A perfect addition to a kitchen, and a generous gift for a tea lover.
    Our English Breakfast Tea is a full-bodied, aromatic black tea from Sri Lanka, and is famous as the ingredient in the “Great British Cuppa.” Serve freshly brewed with a splash of milk, at any time of the day!
    The Vintage Victorian Tea Caddy is manufactured by New English Teas, a UK company founded in 1985 that specializes in unique and high quality tea gifts. The company has globally-recognized certifications for quality and ethical trading.




    240 English Breakfast tea bags in each tin, 480 total



    Infusion Tips:

    Boil fresh water to 212 F (100 C) and pour over teabag. Leave teabag for 5 minutes, or longer if desired, for a fuller, stronger taste.

    Once the tea has finished infusing, immediately remove the teabag, stir, and add a splash of milk.


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