Northfork Bison Trio of Ground Meats 9 lbs
  • Northfork Bison Trio of Ground Meats 9 lbs


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    This pack includes:

    3x - 1 lb brick of Ground Bison

    3x - 1 lb brick of Ground Elk

    3x - 1 lb brick of Wild Boar


    Our bisons are fed exclusively with 100% natural forage. Meat flour is excluded from their food which contains no growth hormones, as the animals go through natural fattening periods.

    23%-30% more protein than beef

    1/4 of the fat content of beef

    No gamy or wild taste


    Elk meat is one of the tastiest and healthiest all-natural alternatives to the commonly available traditional meats. Elk meat is low in fat, cholesterol and calories and contains more protein than beef.

    High in protein, iron and B vitamins

    Leaner than beef, pork tenderloin and skin-on chicken breast

    Raised on natural feed


    For centuries, wild boar meat has been a delicacy enjoyed by the aristocracy of Europe. Now produced in North America, it is increasingly sought after by chefs and consumers looking for unique flavour. Although you may expect it to resemble pork, wild boar is a dark red meat. Wild boar is lean and high in protein. For these reasons, wild boar proves to be an awesome value for today’s health conscious consumers.

    High in protein

    Lean meat

    Free range raised


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