Northfork Elk Medallions 5 oz, 16-count
  • Northfork Elk Medallions 5 oz, 16-count


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    The elk or wapiti as they are called in North America is one of the largest species of deer in the world and one of the largest land mammals in North America and Eastern Asia. Only the moose rivals it in size. Elk feed on grasses, plants, leaves and bark. The meat is leaner and higher in protein than either beef or chicken. Elk meat is one of the tastiest and healthiest all-natural alternatives to traditional meats. Elk meat is low in fat cholesterol and calories. The animals are fed exclusively with 100% natural forage. Meat flour is excluded from their food which contains no growth hormones, as the animals go through natural fattening periods.

    Elk medallion steaks make for versatile dishes.
    Grill, pan fry, broil. All are great for these little gems of tender, juicy flavour. Premium quality, NO fillers or chemicals added. No steroids, No stimulants of any kind. Delicious, low in calories and high in protein.
    Do not use high heat for elk! Turn the heat down. Remember: elk cooks faster than beef, don’t overcook! Turn your heat down a bit and watch your cooking time. Take into account that meat continues to cook after it is off the grill.

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