Oliso VS95A Pro Vacuum Sealer Kit
  • Oliso VS95A Pro Vacuum Sealer Kit


    The Oliso® Pro ™ VS95A vacuum sealer’s multi-layered vacuum storage bags, combined with our patented punch-and-seal technology keeps food fresh up to 5 times longer. Easy operation - fully automatic bag detection means just insert and go. The VS95A is among the highest quality home vacuum sealers with a dual motor, thousand hour tested pump, and microprocessor for precision control. Great for Sous Vide!

    Award-Winning Design, patented technology, VS95A creates a tiny opening in the bag, removes air and creates an airtight heat seal

    Dual motor with 3 settings

    Commercial vacuum power

    Fits comfortably in a kitchen cabinet or countertop

    Eco-Friendly:  BPA-free, reusable bags

    Compatible with all Oliso vacuum sealer accessories

    Two sealing options for moist or dry

    Stop and seal for soft/breakable foods


    Accessories Included:
    (1) VS95A Vacuum Sealer
    (1) Flexi Tube
    (1) Zip Disc
    (1) Wine+Olive Oil Freshkeeper ®
    (17) Vac-Snap ® Medium Bags
    (12) Vac-Snap ® Large Bags
    (6) Vac-Snap ® XL Bags


    Dimensions & More Info:
    Construction: Stainless Steel
    12.76” W x 14.61” L x 8.7” H Weight: 12.28 Lbs


    Ref: 1558453

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