Orbit 2-pack Nozzles
  • Orbit 2-pack Nozzles


    The Orbit Thumb Control Slim Dual Pack nozzles feature a unique design that maximizes water pressure in a compact nozzle. The easy-to-use thumb control regulates water pressure, allowing a quick adjustment to the flow of water without going back to the faucet. The nozzles are constructed out of metal for added durability and extended life. The Turret Nozzle offers a choice in 8 spray patterns tailored to outdoor watering tasks in your yard and garden, from a gentle rain-like shower for gardens to quickly filling a bucket with maximum flow. The Adjustable Nozzle is fully adjustable from a light spray for watering plants to a powerful jet spray for cleaning debris from sidewalks and driveways.



    Compact Size

    Design Maximizes Spray Distance

    Thumb Control Water Flow

    Multiple Spray Patterns: Full, Flate, Angle, Shower, Cone, Center, Jet, Mist

    Engineered to Last



    Ref: 1902326

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