Palram Oasis Hexagonal Greenhouse, Rust Resistant Coated Aluminum Frame, 8' x 7'
  • Palram Oasis Hexagonal Greenhouse, Rust Resistant Coated Aluminum Frame, 8' x 7'


    Palram, the largest and most trusted brand in hobby greenhouses brings you the Oasis Greenhouse

    Create your own oasis and enhance your garden’s beauty with the Oasis Greenhouse. Its elegant hexagonal design, generous growing area and balanced nurturing conditions make an enjoyable and successful growing environment, ideal for growing your own organic garden. Sit back, relax and savor your new maintenance-free outdoor living space!


    Why Polycarbonate

    Palram Industries is a world leader in polycarbonate manufacturing and is well known and respected for its high quality products.


    POLYCARBONATE is a glass-like, virtually unbreakable polymer that makes it the perfect material for greenhouses since it allows for a light-weight, crystal-clear panel that provides all the light transmission benefits of glass, without its associated dangers. The maintenance free, high impact, harsh weather and UV resistant panels will assure strength and quality for many years to come.


    At first you may worry about the flexibility of Palram’s clear polycarbonate panel used in our greenhouse kits, but rest assured that once assembled, the panels will add to the greenhouse’s rigidity, strength and resistance to harsh weather conditions.



    Virtually unbreakable, high impact resistant and flexible polycarbonate panels.

    Roof: Twin-wall panels protect from strong sunlight exposure.

    Walls: Crystal-clear panels provide over 90% light transmission.

    Panels block 100% of the harmful UV rays and are 100% UV protected; withstand harsh weather conditions for many years of use

    Hinged wide and lockable double doors (114.4W x 171.9H cm / 45” x 67.7” ).

    Heavy duty, rust resistant grey powder coated aluminum frame provides a highly durable, rust resistant and extra-rigid structure

    Includes galvanized steel base to maximize stability and strength of your greenhouse.

    The strong reinforced aluminum frame will withstand winds up to 55mph and 15.4lb/sq. ft. of snow.

    Easy installation – Sliding panels’ assembly system, ready to assemble. pre-drilled profiles, pre-cut panels and all hardware included.

    Adjustable Side Louvre Window provides air flow and allows regulation of heat and humidity levels.

    Built-in gutter system & gutter heads included - allow water drainage & collection for a sustainable irrigation system.

    High eves (1.77m/69.9”) and headroom (2.67m / 105.5”) for improved working space.

    All weather-proof materials to allow years of durability.

    Additional Palram accessories can be added to create the greenhouse of your dreams and with the unique framing system, this allows you to place shelves anywhere inside your greenhouse.


    Aluminum Frame

    Aluminum is an attractive, strong, lightweight and rust resistant metal with a high strength to weight ratio. It is sturdy and resilient yet easy to carry and handle when assembling our products. It is 100% recyclable while maintaining its structural integrity and durability. These properties as well as its low maintenance requirements make it the perfect material for our entire range of products.


    Tools Required

    Tools required for assembly: tape measure, philips screwdriver, gloves, lubricant, nut tightening tool for screws (included in package), step ladder, scissors, socket set, drill and level.

    Allow up to 6-8 hours of installation time.

    Two (2) people recommended for assembly.



    Outside assembled dimensions: 97.3”W x 83.9”L x 105.1”H.

    Inside usable growing area coverage: 42.5 square feet.

    Total inside storage capacity: 303 cubic feet. 8’ 9” of headroom.


    Arrives in 1 box: 68.5”L x 26” W x 7.8”H, 113.6lbs



    5 Year Limited Warranty

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