Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's 1 lb, 4-pack
  • Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's 1 lb, 4-pack


    Major Dickason's: A Deeply Roasted and Immensely Satisfying Blend

    A loyal customer and retired army officer named Key Dickason originally brought the idea for this delicious blend to Alfred Peet in 1969. The result was so good that Peet not only named it after Dickason, but also gave him a promotion from sergeant to major. Over the years this flavorful, deeply roasted, and unsurpassed blend has come to epitomize the taste of Peet's Coffee. This is a rich, smooth, and complex, with a very full body and multi-layered character.


    The Pursuit of Perfection

    Alfred Peet was renowned for achieving perfection through his blends. His secret? Bringing together coffees so exceptional, each could stand on its own. For unparalleled complexity and nuance, look no further than our signature blends.


    Roasted by Hand

    We use our five senses—not computers—to unlock each bean’s flavor potential. Our roasters are masters of their craft, fine-tuning the nuances of each blend and single-origin they roast.


    Always Fresh. Never Stale.

    We mark every bag of Peet’s with a roast date so you know exactly when it was roasted. We hold ourselves to higher freshness standards than others because we believe coffee doesn’t get better with age, it gets stale.



    100% Arabica Coffee

    Whole Bean

    Dark Roast




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