Pelican Mission Sit-In Kayak
  • Pelican Mission Sit-In Kayak


    The Poseidon paddle has been thoughtfully designed to offer a solution to all the paddlers out there, whether they are novices or experienced paddlers.

    Reliable and durable, our primary goal is to offer you a high-quality resistant paddle at an affordable price!

    This quality paddle is ideal for recreational paddlers between 5'0" and 6'0" in kayaks between 28" and 32" wide.

    The Poseidon paddle is made of a two-piece anti-slip grip aluminum shaft with a push-button and fiberglass reinforced polypropylene blades. The blades ensure better durability and performance on the water. It offers an excellent value for money.


    This handy dashboard storage compartment features a forward section with a transparent window to allow you to check your messages. The larger section easily stores snacks, sunscreen, or any other gear you might want to keep within quick reach.


    The Kayak and SUP Roof Carrier Kit is the solution to simplify the transportation of your favorite nautical products.

    Extremely practical, this transport kit works with any kayak and SUP up to 32in. wide and 14ft. long.

    It's an all-included kit. Quick and easy to use. It fits most vehicles due to the adjustable straps and two-piece foam blocks. It will allow you to transport our boat without any trouble.

    This carrying kit includes 2 soft foam pads of 22.7 x 3.4 inches. (58 x 9 cm). The pads are made of EVA.



    Tank Well with Mesh Cover

    Adjustable Knee Pads

    Dash Cover with Bungee Cords

    Poseidon Paddle

    Cartop Carrier



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