PopMask Starry Eyes Eye Mask 30-Pack

PopMask Starry Eyes Eye Mask 30-Pack


Popmask Starry Eyes Self Heating Eye Masks, 30 Pack

Grabbing time to relax seems almost impossible these days, so Popmask has come up with a little something for all you doers and go-getters.

The Starry Eyes mask is your ‘calm in a pouch’ giving you some well-earned relaxation time.

Starts warming within 30 seconds

Soothing heat lasts for over 20 minutes

Reduces puffiness and de-stresses eye area

Perfect for travel

The warming, relaxing mask will sooth your tired eyes allowing you to lie back, relax, dose, daydream, meditate or just unplug from life.


A Moment for Self Care

Unwind and relax

Indulgent Warming Eye Mask

Beauty sleep to a whole different level

Great for meditation, sleep, day dreaming or a little “me” time


Comfort & Easy to Use

Heat lasts for over 20 minutes

Easy to apply and remove with straps for your ears.

Mask only heats once but can be worn as an eye mask after use.


Self-heating Technology

As soon as the pouch is opened, the mask begins to heat

The mask slowly heats up

Gentle warmth across your forehead and eyes


Key Features:

Includes six boxes of 5 individual one time use self-heating eye masks, 30 total count

Individually packaged

Soft fabric mask

Comfortable elastic ear straps

Fragrance free


How Do I Use It:

Open pouch and remove mask

Gently open the PopMask then pull open the loops and place them around your ears

Your Starry Eyes Popmask will soon start to warm up and relax you

Lie back, doze, sleep, day dream, meditate or just have some “me” time