Power Acoustik Aural Series Raven 41” Acoustic Guitar Bundle
  • Power Acoustik Aural Series Raven 41” Acoustic Guitar Bundle


    As your musical skill and taste progress, you will realize that finding the right acoustic guitar can be a never-ending quest. Look no further.  This concert size body makes for more comfort for smaller players, which works in conjunction with its beginner-friendly neck structure.


    Balanced highs, deep lows make you wake up any room, any great musician can describe “it’s in your tools”. Learning and knowledgeable players alike will value the okoume wood neck that gives the guitar a lively tone while complementing the solid spruce top. These materials instantly have you feeling you made the right choice when you hear this music produced.
    Power Acoustik Raven Bundle includes extras like; mini stand, 12 picks and strings, a strap and of course a digital turner to dial things in.



    Body Shape: GA

    Top: Sapele Plywood

    Back: Sapele Plywood

    Side: Sapele Plywood

    Neck: Okoume

    20 Frets

    Fingerboard: Artificial Walnut

    Bridge: Solid Walnut


    About the Raven Guitar:

    Guitar Body​​​​​​​

    Constructed of Sapele wood, it generates a stronger treble presence and more complex overtones.


    20 Frets

    Built with 20 frets made of white copper, the guitar has a good range of tone and pitch and with the included digital tuner it is easy to find the perfect sound.​​​​​​​


    Tuning Pegs

    Sturdy and easy to adjust tuning pegs set in the Okoume head.



    Equipped with a solid walnut bridge, less dense than rosewoods or ebony, which lends to a stronger treble and brighter notes.


    Guitar Accessories:

    Digital Tuner​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Clip-on digital tuner makes it easy to find the perfect sound.


    Guitar Strings

    In addition to the strings that come on the guitar pre-strung, another set is included to insure you are prepared to play. Gauge of strings included: .011/.015/.024/.032/0.42/0.52 inch


    Guitar Picks

    Comes with 12 different picks so you are sure to find a favorite and have plenty to choose from.


    Convenient Nylon Strap

    Comfortable, adjustable, nylon strap for easy playing. Length of strap 27 in to 47.25 in.


    Mini Guitar Stand

    When you are ready to take a break, place the guitar on the convenient mini stand.


    Allen Wrench

    Easily make adjustments to the bridge with the included allen wrench.​​​​​​​

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