PreGra BlueGrass Artificial Grass, 15' Wide, in One Foot Increments
  • PreGra BlueGrass Artificial Grass, 15' Wide, in One Foot Increments


    PreGra® BlueGrass Artificial Grass delivers elegant beauty along with the lush look and feel of natural seed or sod “Kentucky Bluegrass” lawn, without all the work. Great for light to moderate traffic areas.


    PreGra® BlueGrass features the newest style of our Artificial Grass Multi Blade System Series. PreGra® BlueGrass is tufted with a pile height of 1.75 inch high for primary blades of rich, deep green, in multi color blade tufts. Primary blades are paired with our unique polyethylene textured thatch – creating a 100% polyethylene fiber system – 100% NYLON FREE.


    Each type of blade, in the PreGra® BlueGrass style, has a slight variation in color, dimension, and texture giving an even more natural appearance that will make your lawn the neighborhood favorite (see closeup, left) . The thatch layer’s shorter height and texture add an additional dimension to the blade system and delivers the depth you desire. 


    PreGra® BlueGrass will stand up perfectly in light to moderate traffic areas. Great for play areas; kids and pets. Eliminate lawn care, grass allergies, mud, dust and reduce insects and weeds - while saving tons of water.

    SAFE for Kids and Pets - Any Weather


    Easy to install - Low Maintenance - Evergreen

    A key benefit of using artificial grass is how flexible it can be. With stable UV protection, use it in any weather, shade or sun; year-round. PreGra® BlueGrass blades are generously tufted into our multi-layer, polyurethane athletic grade backing which is perforated to drain vertically through the surfaces; rain and snow runoff will percolate water back into the ground or out through drainage solutions; when installed over permeable, compacted aggregate base materials.


    The familiar, natural Kentucky Bluegrass — is the most popular option for landscape grass in the United States. You can find it being used as lawns in every state because it grows well in just about any soil conditions and thrives in extreme temperatures. 


    PreGra® BlueGrass Artificial Grass Benefits and Features:

    Sold by the linear foot: 15 ft. wide by any length you need, in one foot increments.

    Pile height 1.75 in.

    Face weight 46 ounces. Total weight 72 ounces

    PreGra® BlueGrass has a natural grass colored thatch system

    Dual color blade structure: Field and Olive Green, Pine Green Thatch

    100% Polyethylene yarn system

    Polyurethane athletic grade multiple-layer backing

    Perforated with holes for vertical drainage

    Simple installation; compacted aggregate or cement

    Low maintenance and pet friendly

    No need for fertilizers or pesticides

    All weather rated (sun, snow, rain)

    All PreGra Artificial Grass requires infill for proper installation

    10 year manufacturer’s warranty

    Made in the USA


    How much INFILL material will I need for my project?

    BlueGrass 46 ounce style - RECOMMENDED INFILL 2lb per square foot


    PreGra® BlueGrass Artificial Grass is ideal for both front and back yard use - durable and natural looking, it’s the perfect substitute for natural sod or seed bluegrass lawns.

    All PreGra® BlueGrass materials are easy to install.

    For best results, install using infill*, over compacted aggregate base; or on cement.


    All PreGra® Products are made in the USA.

    10 year manufacturer’s warranty.



    PreGra® turf is sold by the linear foot: 15 ft. wide by any length you need, in one foot increments. 

    As an example: 15 ft. W x 10 ft. L = 150 Square Feet. 
    Simply order 10 linear feet of material to cover 150 Sq. ft.



    All PreGra® Artificial Grass materials are easy to install.

    For best results, install over compacted aggregate base; or on cement.

    Guides and worksheets to print along with online video tips, are free to view and download.


    Please note: PreGra® Artificial Grass styles have a blade direction/grain to the surfaces after unrolling.  Multiple pieces will need to be seamed together for best results. Keep the “grain” in the same direction as you estimate and then lay the grass in place for installation. See our downloadable estimating, ordering and installation guides and videos



    Sold by the Linear Foot

    46 oz. Faceweight

    15' Wide by Any Length you Need, in One Foot Increments

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