PureWine The Wand 40-pack, Wine Purifiers
  • PureWine The Wand 40-pack, Wine Purifiers


    No More Wine Headaches! Only PureWine products alleviate ALL of the most common side effects from drinking wine: Headaches, Congestion, Skin Flush, Next-Day Hangovers and Upset Stomach. No other wine purifier removes BOTH histamines and sulfites – the culprits that trigger most common wine allergies. Purifies ALL red, white and sparkling wines without changing the natural taste, aromas or color of the wine. The Wand™ purifies one glass of wine in as little as 3 minutes. Patented Nano Pore filtration is proven safe and effective in independent tests.



    (40) The Wand™ Wine Purifiers (1 Wand Per-Glass)



    Patented Technology – The only wine purifier that removes both histamines and sulfites.

    Convenient, Per-Glass – Easy to use, portable, fits in purse or pocket. Disposable, ready to use, no messy clean-up needed.

    No More Wasted Wine – Imagine no longer having to throw away opened bottles of wine. Restores open, oxidized wine to its natural state using the Patented Phoenix® Purification technology.

    Safe and Effective – Does not add any harsh chemicals to your wine. FDA compliant and BPA-Free.

    Never Lose Your Glass – Each Wand pack includes an assortment of twist-off Wine Charms.  Enjoy your wine without headaches and never lose your glass again.

    Single-Use – To maximize performance, The Wand™ is recommended for single-use.  

    100% Made In The USA



    The Wand™: .175” L x 2” W x 6.25” H | .325 oz.



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