QuickJack 5,000lb. SLX Capacity Portable Car Lift Bundle BL-5000SLX
  • QuickJack 5,000lb. SLX Capacity Portable Car Lift Bundle BL-5000SLX



    The 5,000-lb. capacity BL-5000SLX car lift is the ultimate tool for DIY'ers and race enthusiasts. It covers most vehicle types and takes up very little space. This lift is extremely versatile and surprisingly lightweight. Fits Porsche, Corvette, Mustang and more!

    The 5,000-lb. capacity BL-5000SLX car lift is made from the same materials found in a professional shop or garage. But, there’s one key difference. You can take the BL-5000SLX with you almost anywhere. Toss it in a large trunk or backseat when you're on the move, and stow it away in a corner when you're done. After the initial one-time assembly, setting up your QuickJack is a snap. Just drop it on the floor, connect the power and position the rubber blocks underneath the lift points. That’s it! Press Up on the pendant control, and watch your car lift do its thing!

    With a mere 3" collapsed height, the QuickJack is more versatile than other car lifts. Not to mention, auto-locking safety arms keep you safer than any jack or stand ever could. No cross members. No bolts in your concrete. The QuickJack BL-5000SLX matches to almost any vehicle length and width in its weight class.

    The new design better accommodates shorter wheelbases and/or smaller lift point spreads. For instance, we’ve eliminated a problem some Porsche owners experienced where the frames would make contact with the tires. Despite the new reduced frame length, the maximum lift point reach on the new BL-5000SLX model is unchanged.

    Automatic safety locks

    Features dual-position automatic safety locks. As the frames rise, these locks glide securely into place. Disengage with a simple flip of the lock bar and your car lift is ready for a smooth descent.


    Reduced overall length

    We shaved off 3" end-to-end. This makes QuickJack easier to stow in tight spaces and more able to service vehicles with narrow wheelbases. The maximum lift point reach is unaffected by the change.


    Improved lift point access

    By extending each rubber block tray an inch toward the center of the frame, the minimum lift point reach is now 2" less than it was before.

    Lifting capacity:

    5,000 lbs. (2,268 kg)

    Time to full rise: 30 seconds

    Power unit weight: 15 lbs. (7 kg)

    Total shipping weight: 225 lbs. (102 kg)


    Lift point spread:

    Maximum: 60" (1,524 mm)

    Minimum: 31.5" (800 mm)


    Pinch-Weld Blocks
    Urethane rubber block with pinch-weld design is perfect for vehicles with pinch weld frames. The harder rubber offers extra support for pinch weld vehicle types. These blocks fit with all QuickJack frame assemblies. Sold in sets of four.

    Supporting cars on pinch-weld rails creates excessive pressure points which can gouge or tear the standard rubber blocks and damage delicate body rails on unibody vehicles. QuickJack's urethane rubber pinch-weld blocks were engineered with a cross-cut slotted design, allowing you to position them lengthwise or crosswise. They’re the perfect body cradling tool to safely support rocker panels or sheet metal body rails, especially pinch-weld rails that have degraded over time due to corrosion from grime and road salt.

    Ensure a longer lifespan for your lift blocks with QuickJack's specially designed pinch-weld jack pads. These blocks are taller than standard rubber blocks and can be placed independently in the lift block trays. They can also be stacked by placing a pinch-weld block on top of a small standard block. (The pinch-weld and tall standard blocks should not be stacked.) Stop using wood blocks, hockey pucks and towels that can slip or tear, resulting in vehicle damage, or worse, unstable lifting. Durable urethane rubber is impermeable to oil, grease and gas and will last for many years of simple, maintenance-free lifting.


    Specially formulated urethane rubber

    Bilateral deep slots accommodate virtually all pinch weld frames

    Position lengthwise or crosswise

    Water/Chemical resistant and 100% weatherproof

    Single-piece construction for superior hold

    Set of 4



    Length: 4" (102 mm)

    Width: 3" (76 mm)

    Height: 3" (76 mm)

    Pinch-weld width: 0.4" (10 mm)

    Pinch-weld depth: 0.5" (13 mm)


    Wall Hangers Set
    Each mount features a sleek, laser-cut QuickJack logo to provide visible proof that this is the OFFICIAL QuickJack wall mount set. These wall hangers were designed and engineered by the same minds that designed your QuickJack portable car lift, so you know rigorous testing standards were applied and unparalleled safety factors were built in. Real-world testing and advanced computer analysis were performed to ensure quality and long-term resilience.


    Sold in sets of two

    One size fits all QuickJack models

    Over-engineered to 150% rated capacity

    Durable brushed-steel construction

    Sleek, laser-cut QuickJack logo design

    Designed and engineered by QuickJack



    Width: 4.75" (121 mm)

    Height: 6.75" (172 mm)

    Depth: 2.25" (57 mm)

    Weight (ea.): 1 lbs. (0.5 kg)

    Shipping weight: 3 lbs. (1.4 kg)


    REF: 1459210

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