Rail Hauler Pro Backpack
  • Rail Hauler Pro Backpack


    When the big bull drops the real work begins. The Rail Hauler PRO’s lightweight anodized frame is designed to carry up to 200 pounds, giving you the perfect platform for carrying anything from overnight gear to an elk quarter. The revised bucket fabric panel securely holds your harvest in place, while the wider aluminum folding shelf supports the weight.



    Torso: 17.5-20.5 in

    Volume: Variable

    Product Weight: 5lbs 9 oz

    Height: 31 in

    Width: 13 in

    Depth: 45 x 8 in


    Load lifters located to the top crossbar provide enhanced fit and function.

    Comfortable, easy to use torso adjustment system.


    Large folding aluminum shelf supports your harvest for the heavy haul out.

    The heavy-duty anodized aluminum external frame supports up to 200 pounds.


    Forward pull waistbelt buckle improves stability and ease of use.


    Purpose-built for carrying heavy loads over rough terrain.


    Ref: 1351246

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