Roland CG-1 Mini Grand Digital Piano Bundle
  • Roland CG-1 Mini Grand Digital Piano Bundle


    A beautiful addition to your home that will delight you and your family for years to come.


    If you’ve desired the beauty and style of a grand piano in your home but were concerned about the size and cost, then the Roland CG-1 is the perfect piano for you. A stylish, elegant digital grand piano in polished ebony, the CG-1 pays homage to the classic grand piano form with an impressive-yet-graceful design that will enhance the beauty of any home. The beautiful cabinet, professional touches, true grand piano feel, and 10-year warranty with in-home service speak to the quality of this instrument.

    Roland is renowned for making fine musical instruments, and although the CG-1’s appearance is traditional, explore a little deeper and you’ll discover the very latest technology. Bluetooth® connectivity lets you interact with the piano from the mobile devices you’re already familiar with. Use Roland’s Piano Partner 2 app to control the piano’s many features and wirelessly stream audio from your tablet or phone through the powerful 4.1 multi-channel speaker system. Or choose from a host of compatible music education and entertainment apps to ensure you’ll stay engaged with your Roland piano and continue to enjoy and improve your playing experience.

    Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology goes far beyond other digital instruments and offers supremely realistic piano sound. Adding in the expressive touch of the PHA-50 keyboard and progressive action damper pedal, the CG-1 provides a playing experience that will satisfy the most demanding connoisseur. Whether you want a strikingly beautiful addition to your living space or a sophisticated mini grand piano that supports your family as they learn to play, the CG-1 brings beauty, elegance, and evocative piano performance into your home.


    The sound and ambiance of an acoustic grand without the maintenance and bulk.


    There’s no doubt a traditional grand piano makes a statement in any room, but the maintenance and back-breaking weight can make owning one impractical for many households. The Roland CG-1 gives you the classic appearance and feel of a grand piano with the sound of a full-sized instrument, while the lightweight cabinet is easy to move around your home to find the perfect position. You can even start playing by simply opening the lid and hitting the keys. Avoid the hassle of tuning and maintaining an acoustic piano and rest assured that your purchase will provide pleasure years from today, as Roland’s build quality is backed by their industry-leading warranty coverage.


    A premium sound system for enjoying your favorite music.


    Sometimes you want to create music. At other times, you just want to sit back and enjoy it. Either way, Roland’s high-quality speaker system is ready to fill your home with exceptional sound. When you’re playing piano, your CG-1 provides full-bodied, volume-controllable sound through the 4.1 multi-channel speakers. When you’re entertaining friends, Bluetooth® audio functionality allows the piano to replace your hi-fi, wirelessly connecting to your tablet or smartphone and playing your favorite songs and playlists through the speakers. And when you’re just relaxing, the dedicated app for Apple Watch lets you control the CG-1’s internal song library remotely from the comfort of your sofa.


    An instrument that will spark your creativity and please pianists from artists to beginners.


    You never know when inspiration will strike, but with the CG-1 in your living room, you’ll always be ready to open the lid and catch the spark. Unlike sample-based digital pianos from other manufacturers, Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology replicates the entire sound-creation process of an acoustic piano—including the combination of notes played, their resonance, and the interaction between myriad elements—for a rich, complex sound that naturally responds to your touch. Perfectly matched to the sound engine, the PHA-50 keyboard features hybrid construction with wood and ivory-feel materials, plus an integrated pin in each key for stability. This provides truly authentic playability and consistent feel that’s impervious to normal temperature and humidity changes, eliminating a costly maintenance issue that’s common with traditional piano keys.


    A world of educational features and apps help you learn to play or play better.


    Learning to play the piano is incredibly rewarding, but it takes time, effort, and dedication. The Roland CG-1 gives players an alternative to the conventional book-learning method, kick-starting development with its Bluetooth® connectivity to fun and inspiring piano apps like the popular Piano Adventures Player or Piascore. Jamming with songs from apps such as Hal Leonard’s Sheet Music Direct prepares you for joining a band or orchestra, while the CG-1’s Twin Piano mode allows a learner and teacher to sit side-by-side and play in the same key range. The built-in metronome promotes accurate timing, while the onboard recorder lets you capture what you’ve been working on to instantly evaluate your progress. In addition to all the audio and MIDI possibilities with Bluetooth®, there’s audio and MIDI playback from USB memory input as well. The Roland CG-1 makes practice a pleasure, not a chore.

    (iPad not included)


    Remote control and added functionality from your mobile device.


    Roland’s Piano Partner 2 is a free app for iOS and Android that helps you get the most from your CG-1, right from the start. Easily access the piano's internal features directly from the app for a simple, visual way to understand and navigate the piano’s capabilities. In addition, a sheet music library, rhythm library, recording feature, and practice diary are available through Piano Partner 2 to support your musical goals, whatever they may be. With Bluetooth® MIDI capability, the CG-1 connects wirelessly to Piano Partner 2 to show digital notation for the piano’s internal songs, and pages even turn automatically or from the pedals as a song plays. Students can practice each hand individually by muting the left- or right-hand part, and freely adjust the tempo as needed. The app also provides access to backing rhythms and flashcard games that help build skills with intelligent accompaniment and engaging music exercises.​​​​​​​




    Roland & Skoove have joined forces to offer customers three months of free online piano lessons. Register your Roland piano on the Roland website and get unlimited access to hundreds of songs and interactive courses—available anytime on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.​​​​​​​



    Easy Bluetooth Control via Free iOS/Android Apps

    Ten-year in Home Warranty

    Perfect Tone via Roland’s Unrivaled Piano Modeling

    Beautiful Polished Ebony Cabinet and Deluxe Bench

    Superior Touch with Roland’s Acclaimed Key Action


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