Sabatino Truffle Seasoning Blend 3 X 5.29 oz. Containers
  • Sabatino Truffle Seasoning Blend 3 X 5.29 oz. Containers


    Sabatino Truffles brings you our Truffle Seasoning Kit featuring Truffle Zest the worlds first all purpose Truffle Seasoning.  For 110 years we have been all about truffles, and we are excited to bring you our all natural truffle seasoning kit.  You can now add truf-fle to any dish with a few shakes.


    The revolutionary Truffle Zest is a black summer truffle powdered seasoning.  If you love truffles Truffle Zest is a must. Truffle Zest is low sodium, all nat-ural, Non GMO Project verified, and kosher.


    TRUFFLE ZEST & Cheese Seasoning blends the award-winning Truffle Zest, a powdered seasoning of black summer truffles, with grated pecorino cheese.


    Truffle Sea Salt  is the perfect blend of truffles and Sicilian sea salt. It is  all natural, Non GMO Project verified, and kosher.


    The truffle seasoning kit has great versatility.  For a more pure truffle experience use Truffle Zest.  Make it cheesy and use the Truffle Zest & Cheese seasoning.  Last, but not least you can add a savory and salt kick to any dish with our Truffle Sea Salt.


    Sprinkle any of these seasonings onto french fries, popcorn, pasta, pizza, salad, eggs, rice, vegetables and soups. Put some seasoning onto steak or fish to transform your protein. It can be mixed into sauces, soups, dressings, chips, and used in various other applications! Just add it to your favorite dish and truffle everything!



    3 X 5.29 oz. Containers

    Plant Based, Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly


    Truffle Zest, Truffle Zest & Cheese Seasoning,Truffle Sea Salt

    Non GMO Project Certified


    Ref: 1496377

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