Silver Paw Dog Collar, Leash and Harness Set
  • Silver Paw Dog Collar, Leash and Harness Set


    This woven dog collar made from 100% nylon comes in 3 popular colorways. The set comes with one dog collar, one standard length dog leash and a light weight mesh harness to match. A couple special features to pay attention to include a patented one of a kind buckle designed to easily attach and detach to the collar without clipping your pet’s fur or skin. UV alerts have also been attached to the leash to monitor outdoor temperatures that can become harmful to your dog. Once the patch illuminates, it’s time to bring your pet home or provide shelter.
    Equipped with high quality nylon mesh, the harness allows for breathability on warmer days and makes attaching the leash a breeze.


    100% Nylon

    Metal Clasps (No Plastic)

    UV and Cold Alerts

    Patented Easy Clasp (Leash)

    Heavy Construction / Extra Stitching

    4 Sizes / 3 Color Variants (Red, Blue, Silver)

    Colors Cannot Be Mixed


    Collar Diameter:

    Small: 9-14"

    Medium: 14-20"

    Large: 18-26"

    XL: 18-26"


    Leash Length:

    Leash: 60"


    Harness Measurements (Chest):

    Small: 7" L / 13.5-17" W

    Medium: 8" L / 15.25-19.5" W

    Large: 9.5" L / 20.5-27.5" W

    XL: 11.25" L / 20.5-27.5



    Ref: 1540902, 1540903, 1540904, 1540905, 1540899, 1540900, 1540895, 1540901, 1540892, 1540894, 1540896, 1540898  

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