Singer ProSeries Sew-It-Goes 356-Piece Set
  • Singer ProSeries Sew-It-Goes 356-Piece Set


    The Singer ProSeries™ Sew-It-Goes Storage System is the ideal deluxe sewing kit for sewists of all experience levels.  Lightweight and durable, this sewing kit travels well and stores easily.  It is large enough to fit over 40 spools of thread plus all your basic hand sewing accessories in one super organized sewing box.  Constructed from premium translucent material, this sturdy sewing box is designed so that you can see inside and know where everything is at a glance.  Its ample storage space, easy grip handle, and locking latch make it easy to organize, secure, and transport.  Three removable drawers are customizable to fit your own space and work style, bringing convenience and organization to all your sewing projects.


    The ProSeries™ Sew-It-Goes Storage System comes complete with hundreds of essential sewing accessories and tools, including the heavy-duty 8.5” ProSeries™ Fabric Scissors with comfort grip handle to easily cut through multiple layers of fabric and the 4.5” ProSeries™ Detailed Embroidery Scissors to provide small and precise detail cutting.  It also comes with the ProSeries™ Folding Seam Ripper with comfort grip and the ProSeries™ Retractable 96” Tape Measure with compact case and keyring hole.  In addition to these premium tools, the Sew-It-Goes System also includes 14 large spools and eight small spools of assorted hand sewing thread as well as four large spools and four small spools of embroidery thread.  It comes with twelve threaded and twelve empty class 15 plastic bobbins, a 6” metal sewing gauge, a capped seam ripper, a fabric marking pencil, a mini pin cushion with emery, a metal thimble, and three needle threaders.  Assorted needles, pins, buttons, and fasteners complete the set, including 20 assorted safety pins, 30 assorted hand needles in a convenient compact case, 100 size 20 pearlized head pins, 100 size 17 dressmaker pins, 16 assorted sew-on hook and bar sets, and a dozen each of assorted shirt buttons and sew-on snap fastener sets.  With all of your sewing essentials conveniently organized in one lightweight yet durable sewing box, the ProSeries™ Sew-It-Goes Storage System is the ultimate travel case to organize all your sewing essentials for sewing projects at home or on the go. 


    Accessories Included:

    1- Storage Case

    1- 8.5" Pro-Series Fabric Scissor

    1- 4.5" Pro-Series Detailed Embroidery Scissor

    1- Pro-Series Retractable Seam Ripper

    1- Pro-Series Retractable Tape Measure

    14- Large Thread Spool (Machine Quality)

    4- Specialty Large Thread Spool: Embroidery Metallic Colors

    8- Small Thread Spool (Machine Quality)

    4- Specialty Small Thread Spool: Embroidery Metallic Colors

    12- 12 Threaded Bobbins

    12- 12 empty bobbins, class 15 plastic

    1-6" Metal Sewing Gauge

    100-Pearlized Head Pins (Size 20)

    1-Fabric Marking Pencils 6.25"

    20- Assorted Safety Pins

    30- Assorted Sizes Hand Needles Compact

    100- Dressmaker Pins - Size 17

    12- Assorted Shirt Buttons

    12- Assorted Sew-on Snap Fastener Sets

    8- Sew-on Hook and Bars Sets

    8- Sew-on Hook and Eyes Sets

    1- Seam Ripper w/Cap - 3.2"L

    1- Mini pin cushion with emery

    1-Metal Thimble

    3-Needle Threader


    Dimensions & More Info:

    11.1 x10.9x8.2 (inches)

    4.25 Lbs


    Ref: 1467243

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