Sunpak Compact Folding Vlogging Kit with Boya Cardioid Microphone
  • Sunpak Compact Folding Vlogging Kit with Boya Cardioid Microphone


    High Powered LED Ring Light Provides Daylight or Tungsten Illumination in 9 Output Levels

    Ideal for Vlogging, live steaming, selfies and many other online uses, the Sunpak Folding Vlogging Kit has everything you'll need to produce high-quality videos.


    The USB powered bi-color ring with 128 high-powered LEDs, which offers there color temperature settings and is perfect for live streaming or Vlogging.

    The 10.5” bi-color LED ring light provides illumination in nine levels, has color-corrected light for indoor use and is powered by a USB power port or power bank (not included).


    It has a unique feature that is great for anyone on the go - it collapses down to only 2.76 inches high and comes with a carry case, so it makes portability easier than ever!


    Adjustable Output

    With the built-in remote, you can control all of the features via the integrated USB remote.

    You can turn the ring light On or Off, adjust the light intensity with 9 different levels or adjust the Color Temperature right from your inline remote.

    The light intensity buttons allow you to adjust the output one level at a time, for accurate light coverage in 9 incremental steps.

    Integrated into a 6-foot USB cord, the remote is perfectly situated for ease of use, and fits comfortably on your hand.


    Bi-Color Illumination

    The bi-color ring light produces three Color Temperature settings from Warm (Tungsten), White (Daylight) and Warm White (Combination of both).

    Use the Warm lighting setting to deliver colors more accurately than daylight under ordinary household incandescent lighting.

    You can also add a mixture of Daylight and Tungsten lighting for color temperatures that are variable from 3200 to 5600K or in between to meet ambient light requirements, match other fixtures, or just for artistic expression.


    Compact Camera Mountable

    The included Mini Ball Head allows you to attach a compact camera inside the ring light. It can be rotated 360° to achieve any angle. The single-action lever controls both the rotation and the movement of the mini ball for exact positioning. This compact, yet durable ball head can support cameras or other devices up to 3 pounds.

    To use, first, attach the Mini Ball Head to the base of your camera vis the 1/4"-20 threaded screw.

    Next, remove the Flexible Smartphone Mount and then install camera by inserting the Mini Ball Head into the 1/4"-20 threaded mount inside the ring light. Lock the ball head before releasing the camera.

    NOTE: You may need to remove the lens in order to rotate the camera when installing or removing the camera.


    Multiple Height Settings for Various Photo and Video Needs

    The Folding Vlogging Kit folds down to a compact 2.76 inches high, but it can be used as a tabletop version at just 20 inches high.

    The column's six telescopic sections can be extended one section at a time up to a maximum of 54 inches tall for floor mounted usage.

    The 6 independent sections allow the unit to be set at various heights at 20 inches, 28 inches, 36 inches, 43.5 inches, 50.75 inches and 54 inches tall.

    With its convenient drawstring carry case, it fold up small enough to take practically anywhere.


    Includes BOYA Universal Cardioid Microphone

    The BOYA Universal Cardioid Microphone, which is specially designed to improve the sound quality of videos. It can be used on smartphones, cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, PCs, and other audio/video recording devices.


    With its cardioid polar pattern, the BOYA Universal Cardioid Microphone can effectively reduce any background noise, compared to the built-in microphones on today's smartphones, cameras and camcorders. This directional microphone allows your devices to capture the best sound while recording.


    It is compact in size and has a light-weight aluminum design, so it will not be a heavy burden while shooting. The microphone has a plug and play design, so there is no need to worry the battery status. The included anti-shock mount effectively reduces unwanted vibration, cable and handling noise.


    Included with the BOYA Microphone Kit

    Your BOYA Universal Cardioid Microphone kit comes with all of the following components intended to produce optimal audio recording experiences:

    Cardioid Microphone

    Fur Shield to reduce excessive wind noise

    Shock mount to absorb vibrations

    TRS Connector for for cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, etc.

    TRRS Connector for smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.

    Lightning Connector for iOS (Apple) devices

    USB-C Connector for Android and other USB-C devices

    Carry pouch


    Bluetooth Remote

    Set up the perfect photo shoot or video production from your smartphone with this Bluetooth remote. A 30-foot range for the Bluetooth-powered remote lets you take the perfect selfie from a distance. The remote connects to any Apple or Android device without the need of any app or other software. The range on the remote is designed to work up to 30 feet away from your smartphone.

    You can take pictures or start and stop your videos remotely with simply the press of a button.


    *Camera Not Included



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