Swann 4K Ultra HD Indoor/Outdoor Add-on IP NVR Dome Security Camera
  • Swann 4K Ultra HD Indoor/Outdoor Add-on IP NVR Dome Security Camera


    Cut the cost of crime and know what’s happening by adding the Swann SWNHD-888MSD dome security camera to your NVR-8580/8680 to cover any blind spots. This discreet dome-style camera is built to suit homes, offices, small businesses & retail stores as it’s packed with the latest surveillance tech such as night vision, motion detection recording and smartphone integration.

    Get security evidence in full 4K ultra HD video to capture essential evidence such as license plates and facial features. True Detect™ thermal motion sensing triggers recording and push notifications when it detects heat from moving objects, like people and cars. Set up Face Detection at certain times of the day to trigger recording and alerts. You can even mount the camera outdoors, as their weatherproof design is IP66 rated to withstand rain, snow & heat, all year round.



    Add-on Camera for Swann 8580/8680 Series NVR Security Systems

    Face Recognition

    4K Ultra HD Video with Built-in Microphone

    Easy Installation with Cat5/PoE (Power over Ethernet) Connection

    TrueDetect™ Heat & Motion Sensing for Fewer False Triggers

    24/7 Protection with up to 150ft Night Vision



    Ref: 3333118

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