The Putting Stick Original
  • The Putting Stick Original


    The only Putting training aid which gives you immediate feedback on the 3 most important parts of a Putting Stroke: eye alignment, putter face square to your line at impact, and acceleration through the ball.


    Immediate feedback means that you will not be practicing a bad stroke. Practicing a bad stroke means that it will become your stroke.


    The Putting Stick® will help you groove a sound putting stroke.



    This original Putting Stick® was designed to allow you to practice and groove your putting stroke indoors (office, living room, rec area, etc.), using minimal space and set up time. 


    Detachable mirror and base confirms eye alignment in relation to ball

    Adjustable/removable backswing bumper-stop to regulate your backswing (most amateur golfers take too long a backswing thus resulting in deceleration through their forward stroke)

    Perpendicular markings help square up putter face before your stroke

    Built-in level ensures side-to-side levelness for accurate stroke analysis

    Cast Acrylic material (about a 20 reading on a Stimpmeter) ensures accurate analysis of your stroke (no friction factor)

    Ball dimple holds golf ball in place prior to your stroke

    QR code to instructional videos

    Made in the USA



    100% cast acrylic

    Disclaimer: leaving the stick in direct sunlight for extended hours may cause warping



    1” x 46.5” x 0.375”

    1 pound, 6 ounces (0.63kg)

    In packaging (5” x 2” x 47”) with USB 2 pounds, 7 ounces (1.2kg)



    Get feedback from a certified teacher. This can be done by visiting select locations or uploading your video to our certified teachers

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