Trailer Valet TVXLMBDA

Trailer Valet TVXLMBDA



Trailer Valet XL Mount Bracket with Drill Attachment

The XL Mounting Bracket is an 8” x 8” bracket that connects to the Trailer Valet XL, XL Pro and RVR Models with a stow pin, and attaches to the trailer using 4 bolts. You can now use almost all Trailer Valet movers on the side of your trailer frame for an easy hand off to and from your hitch vehicle.

Also included in this bundle is the Trailer Valet Drill Attachment. The drill attachment helps you to motorize your Trailer Valet XL, 5X or JX Jack by attaching to your 18-20 V cordless non-impact drill, allowing you to move your trailer with just the push of a button. No more cranking until your arm gives out; power it up with the drill attachment! Users should begin slowly activating the drill, gradually increasing speed to move, and slowing the drill to a stop. The Trailer Valet Drill Attachment and drill are meant to be used on flat surfaces only.

A great package for users who already own a Trailer Valet XL.


Included in Package:

1 x Mount Bracket for Trailer Valet XL

Plates and bolts for bracket installation

1 x Trailer Valet Drill Attachment


Comes with Trailer Valet Drill Attachment to power up your Trailer Valet XL; compatible with any 18-20 V drill


Includes an 8 in. x 8 in. XL Mount Bracket that attaches to your trailer using 4 bolts, and connects to the Trailer Valet XL with a stow pin.


Ref: 1539749

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