VOESH Mani in a Box with Collagen Gloves

VOESH Mani in a Box with Collagen Gloves


At Home Mani Made Easy


Keep calm and self-care on! Get a mani makeover at home with our Mani Care bundle

that includes four Mani in a Box 3 Step and a pair of Collagen Gloves. This easy, DIY manicure

makes self-care so simple, you’ll look forward to giving yourself me-time on the regular.


Mani in a Box Waterless 3 Step (All-In-One Manicure Kit)


Treat your hard-working hands to a relaxing and enjoyable manicure at home with our Mani in a Box 3 Step. This waterless manicure kit includes a sugar scrub to gently exfoliate dead skin, a mud masque to deeply cleanse impurities, and a massage butter to hydrate and soothe skin.​​​​​​​


Perfect for: 

Dry, rough skin

Chapped winter skin

Self-care at home

Girls’ Night In

Bachelorette party


Organic Virgin Olive Oil
Helps hydrate the skin by building its moisture barrier to prevent loss of moisture.


Vitamin C (Pink Grapefruit Extract)
Packed with antioxidants that help combat free radicals and create a barrier over your skin and protect.


1.  Sugar Scrub

Massage on hands & forearms. Remove with towel or rinse off with water.

2. Mud Masque

Apply onto hands & forearms & leave on for 3–5 mins. Remove with towel or rinse off with water.

3. Massage Butter

Massage onto hands & forearms until fully absorbed.


Get Hands On With Deep Hydration


These skinsational collagen gloves are hands down perfection! Pre-filled with collagen, argan oil, and shea butter, this pair of intensive hand mask is the perfect regimen for extremely dry, cracked hands!


Collagen Gloves (Intensive Hand Mask Treatment)


It’s a wrap on dry skin! Rejuvenating and nourishing, these hand masks will help soothe and hydrate hard-working hands in just 15 minutes. Whether you’re prepping for a mani or in the mood for a mini pampering sesh, you’ll instantly go from blah to ‘Ahhh’. The convenient, patented design features a perforation at the fingertips to easily rip off for use of hands during wear or for manicure purposes.


Perfect for:

Intensive Hand Care

Soothing dry, cracked skin

Rejuvenating the skin

Manicure Add-on Treatment


Helps boost skin's elasticity, giving it firmness & bounce.

Argan Oil
Golden hued oil that revives dull skin and boost its glow.

Shea Butter
Helps retain skin’s moisture and keeps it soothed and hydrated


Step 1:

Clean hands & put on the gloves.

Step 2:

Leave the fingertips for 3-5 mins, then tear off.

Step 3:

Prepare nails while
keeping the gloves on.

Step 4:

Apply color &

dry completely.

Step 5:

Remove gloves, massage
hands & arms until fully absorbed.


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