VOLT Landscape Lighting 9-piece Path & Area Light Brass LED Starter Kit
  • VOLT Landscape Lighting 9-piece Path & Area Light Brass LED Starter Kit

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    Benefits of Landscape Lighting

    1. Security – a well-lit home is a deterrent to intruders.
    2. Safety – keep your outdoor spaces safe by illuminating pathways and entryways to reduce trip hazards and increase overall visibility.
    3. Create a Masterpiece – accent the beauty of your home. This is your home - find the things you love and reveal them with light. Be creative. Experiment, have fun and revel in the results.
    4. Lifestyle & Utility – extend your living space so your nighttime activities can move outdoors.
    5. Be Green – bring mother nature to light. Illuminate trees, gardens, and water features to enjoy the natural splendor.



    Stainless Steel 150-Watt Transformer utilizing a professional-grade toroidal core ensuring quiet and reliable operation.

    Solid Cast-Brass Fixtures designed in the U.S.A. to the highest standard.

    Streamlined installation and step-by-step instructions for guiding first-time installers.

    Utilizes low-voltage electricity which is safe for non-electricians to work with.

    Ultra-efficient LED bulbs which are able to illuminate your home for pennies per day.

    Produce a warm-white light that matches traditional style light bulbs.

    USA based customer support.

    Lifetime Warranty


    Kit Includes:

    6x VOLT® Premium Brass Spotlights with Attached Stakes and 25' of Lead Wire.

    6x VOLT® LED MR-16 Bulbs (2700K/350 Lumens/30W Halogen Equivalent).

    3x VOLT® Brass Path & Area Lights with Attached Stakes and 25' of Lead Wire.

    3x VOLT® LED GU4 BiPin Bulbs (2700K/300 Lumens/20W Halogen Equivalent).

    1x VOLT® 150-Watt Stainless Transformer (Capable of supporting additional fixtures).

    1x Photocell and timer (built-in to the transformer).

    1x Stainless Steel Pedestal Mount for Transformer.

    2x VOLT® Hammer Stakes (For Pedestal Mount).

    2x VOLT® Weather-Proof Wire Hubs.

    2x VOLT® Hub Stakes.

    1x 100' Low-Voltage Wire Spool (14AWG).

    1x VOLT® Wire Strippers.

    1x VOLT® Step-by-step Installation Guide.

    1x VOLT® Lifetime Warranty (Covers all included products).



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