Wavestorm 8' Classic Surfboard Navy Sunburst
  • Wavestorm 8' Classic Surfboard Navy Sunburst


    Wavestorm™ is the most recognized soft surfboard brand in the United States and the 8 ft. classic surfboard is one of the best-selling & performing learn-to-surf boards of all time. The 8ft classic surfboard has fun built into its virtue being light, soft & easy to handle. With extensive manufacturing experience, Wavestorm™  has been consistently developing this board to make the most of spending days by the ocean and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. There is no better feeling than catching that first wave and riding it to the shore, memories that will last a lifetime on a Wavestorm™ 8ft classic surfboard. Includes textured traction pad for stable back foot placement, a removable ankle leash for easy board retrieval, and removable thruster fin set for performance surfing.


    Wavestorm™ Classic Surfboard feature a strong EPS core with 3 marine-ply stringers and a resilient WBS-IXL soft crosslink top deck with textured grip. The bottom slick is a HDPE slick bottom gives a quick snapback and keeps the core rocker. No harmful dies or epoxies used throughout the manufacturing process.


    Board Details:

    Strong EPS [expanded polystyrene] core with 3 marine-ply stringers.

    Soft WBS-IXL [Water Barrier Skin] crosslink top deck and rails.

    Textured traction pad for stable foot placement.

    High Density (HDPE) slick bottom skin.

    AGIT Global’s patented Graphic Film Technology [ #6,106,345 & #6,988,920 ].

    Strong Bolt thru board components.

    Suggested weight capacity: 200 lbs.


    Board Dimensions:

    Length: 8ft. (243.8cm).

    Width: 22 1/2in. (57.4 cm).

    Thickness: 3 1/4in. (8.3 cm).

    Volume: 86 ltrs.

    Weight: 11.5lbs.



    What is the 8ft Wavestorm Surfboard made out of?

    Wavestorm boards are shaped with top quality foam materials and superior EPS Cores. The deck, bottom slick skin, core, and components are created to specification and all play an important balance in creating the perfect surf craft. All our materials and printing inks meet a dynamic color and material test standard deemed non-toxic and non-hazardous for the environment.


    Why is the 8ft Wavestorm Surfboard sized as it is?

    The 8ft size was tested tried and true to fit most age ranges including riders with heights over 6ft. and up to 250lbs. The Wavestorm 8ft Surfboard can fit inside the passenger area in most sports utility cars and is a fantastically mobile board.


    Is there a weight limit for the 8ft Wavestorm Surfboard?

    The Wavestorm 8ft was tested for riders up to 250lbs. Naturally skillful riders with heavier weights will be able to surf smaller boards efficiently.


    How do I install my fin set?

    There is an instruction manual that is included with every Wavestorm 8ft Surfboard. A flat head screwdriver or twenty-five cent piece quarter will efficiently fit the screw plug top to secure each screw thread into the fin base. Please take note of which screw threads fit into pertaining bases per the instruction manual.


    How do I install the leash on the tail?

    Take the end of the leash string and loop the leash through itself to create a loop through (Lark’s Head) style knot. The leash string will secure onto the webbing connector that is included in your middle fin in the Wavestorm 8ft’s fin set.


    How do I care for my board?

    Care for your board can be quite simple given you follow a few proper steps. After every use make sure to wash down your board with fresh water, wipe down with a clean cloth or towel and store in a cool dry place preferably in a board sock. When riding your board stay away from sharp reef and rocky shorelines as the skins may be compromised if impact occurs. Do not use the Wavestorm 8ft Surfboard in questionable conditions, shore break, or extremely shallow conditions as this may void your warranty and cause undue bodily harm. This board is not meant for use as a lifesaving device or meant for use as a rental board/surf school board. Following the rules of the surf water etiquette will also bring a long life to your new board.


    The top deck / bottom deck creased. Will my board still work?

    The creasing in the Foam Materials is a natural property and only cosmetic. The Wavestorm 8ft Surfboard will still hold it’s performance with creasing or folds in the deck or bottom slick area.


    What is the Warranty Policy on the 8ft Wavestorm Surfboard?

    Please refer to our Warranty Page on the www.wavestormboards.com website. All boards are warrantied for materials and manufacturing defects for 30 (thirty) days. Repair and replacement kits, however, are available from AGIT Global, Inc. by contacting its Customer Service Department at 1-877-673-3622 or 1-714-389-1815 or email sales@wavestormboards.com.

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