Wavestorm 8' Junior Stand Up Paddleboard
  • Wavestorm 8' Junior Stand Up Paddleboard


    Wavestorm™ designs are meticulously crafted to embrace fun and enjoyment! The Wavestorm™ 8ft Junior Stand Up Paddle board ushers in a new era for paddle boarding creating an experience in quality and performance for foam layered construction.  Years of extensive manufacturing experience create a perfect balance of material and performance all within one board. Let the Wavestorm™ 8ft Junior Stand Up Paddle board inspire a day at the ocean, lake, or explore downstream while promoting a new healthful lifestyle. There is no better feeling than enjoying the summer on the Wavestorm™ 8ft Junior Stand Up Paddle board at the ocean, lake, or river!



    Soft Foam Construction Junior Stand Up Paddle board, strong EPS core with 3x stringer system, pre-installed leash plug with removable ankle leash, adjustable and removable flatwater fin, internal compression-foam deck pad, accessory storage strap, and adjustable paddle.



    Wavestorm™ Junior Stand Up Paddleboard feature a strong EPS core with 3 marine-ply stringers and a resilient WBS-IXL ( Water Barrier Skin™ ) soft crosslink top graphic deck skin with textured grip. The bottom slick is an HDPE slick bottom that provides stiffness to maintain board shape.


    Board Details:

    Strong EPS [expanded polystyrene] core with 3 marine-ply stringers.

    Soft WBS-IXL ( Water Barrier Skin™ ) crosslink top deck and rails.

    Adjustable / Removable Accessory Storage Strap.

    High Density (HDPE) Polyethylene slick bottom skin.

    AGIT Global’s patented Graphic Film Technology [ # 6,988,920, # 7,654,877 and # 7,819,713 ].

    Bolt thru board components.

    Suggested weight capacity : 120 lbs.


    What's Included.

    Superior EPS Core with 3 marine-ply stringers with in-mold carry handle.

    Removable / Adjustable 9" single fin.

    Adjustable Paddle length from 5' to 6' 3 3/5".

    Leash connector with removable ankle leash.



    How is the 8ft Wavestorm Junior Paddleboard constructed? 

    Wavestorm boards are shaped with top quality foam materials and superior molded EPS Cores. The deck, bottom slick skin, core, and components are created to specification and all play an important balance in creating the perfect craft. All our materials and printing inks meet a dynamic color and material test standard deemed non-toxic and non-hazardous for the environment.


    Is there a weight limit for the 8ft Wavestorm Junior Stand Up Paddleboard? 

    The Wavestorm 8ft Junior Stand Up Paddleboard was tested for riders up to 120lbs. Naturally skillful riders with heavier weights will be able to surf smaller boards efficiently. 


    How do I install my fin set?

    There is an instruction manual that is included with every Wavestorm 8ft Junior Stand Up Paddleboard. A Philips head screwdriver will efficiently fit the screw to secure the fin base plate.  Remove the screw from the inserted base plate before setting your fin for mounting. After determining the position for your fin ( forward for looseness and back for tighter rides ) match the fin plate with the leader hole on the fin. When matched fasten the base plate located in the fin channel with the included screw and twist down to secure. Please secure tightly before taking it into water. 


    How do I install the leash on the tail? 

    Take the end of the leash string and loop the leash through itself to create a loop through (Lark’s Head) style knot. The leash string will secure onto the connecting plug on the deck that is included on your Wavestorm 8ft Junior Stand Up Paddleboard.


    How do I set the height of the adjustable paddle? 

    With adjusting lever lock closed, tighten hex screw with a 2.5mm hex key tool. Do not over tighten. Open adjusting lever lock. Size handle to approximately 6 in above head level or use visual height guide on the paddle shaft. Close adjusting lever lock by pushing locking pin and check that handle is tight and secure.


    How do I care for my board? 

    Care for your board can be quite simple given you follow a few proper steps. After every use make sure to wash down your board with fresh water, wipe down with a clean cloth or towel and store in cool dry place preferably in a board sock. When riding your board stay away from sharp reef and rocky shorelines as the skins may be compromised if impact occurs. Do not use the Wavestorm 8ft Junior Stand Up Paddle board  in questionable conditions, shorebreak, or extremely shallow conditions as this may void your warranty and cause undue bodily harm. This board is not meant for use as a lifesaving device or meant for use as a rental board/surf school board. Following the rules of the surf water etiquette will also bring a long life to your new board.


    The top deck / bottom deck creased. Will my board still work? 

    The creasing in the Foam Materials is a natural property and only cosmetic. The Wavestorm 8ft Junior Stand Up Paddleboard will still hold it’s performance with creasing or folds in the deck or bottom slick area.


     What is the Warranty Policy on the Wavestorm 8ft Junior Stand Up Paddleboard? 

    Please refer to our Warranty Page on the wavestormboards.com website. All boards are warrantied for materials and manufacturing defects for 30 (thirty) days. Repair and replacement kits, however, are available from AGIT Global, Inc. by contacting its Customer Service Department.

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