Wavestorm 9'6" Expedition Paddleboard
  • Wavestorm 9'6" Expedition Paddleboard


    About the Wavestorm® 9ft6 Stand Up Paddle Board

    Wavestorm®, creators of the number one soft surfboard worldwide, presents a completely fine tuned and fun 9ft6 stand up paddle board which includes an adjustable paddle for beginning flat water and entry-level stand up paddle surfing activity. Featuring a strong foam water resistant core and high density rigid polyurethane slick bottom for strength and buoyancy covered with WBS-IXL (water barrier skin) cross link deck skin. The patented graphic technology in the graphic skin won’t fade or rub away. Includes all the features of a well rounded stand up paddle board with adjustable and removable 9” flat water fin, cross hair accessory storage strap, balanced soft handle grip, pre-installed leash plug with removable ankle leash, and adjustable length paddle that adjusts from 175cm to 215cm (5ft9 to 7ft1).


    Wavestorm® 9ft6in SUP Board 1426290


    Board Material: Expanded polystyrene foam core with three marine ply stringers, foam crosslink deck, high density polyethylene slick bottom, aluminum paddle with polypropylene blade.



    Superior molded foam core with three coated stringers for rigidity

    Water barrier skin (WBS) deck for a soft user-friendly experience

    Graphic deck with U.V. inhibitors to maintain color

    Textured deck pads for improved grip

    Textured tail pad area for improved grip

    High density polyethylene slick bottom for increasing rigidity

    Centered carrying handle for improved balance while transporting

    Accessory strap for holding items

    Adjustable paddle from 175cm to 215cm



    Overall Board Length: 114in

    Overall Board Width: 32.81in

    Overall Thickness: 4.4in

    Overall Board Weight: 25.13lbs

    Recommended Maximum Rider Weight: 300lbs

    MFG Model #: SP9099


    Frequently Asked Questions



    Q: What will I receive with this item purchase?

    A: The Wavestorm® 9ft6 Stand Up Paddle Board will deliver as a single boxed unit. Each unit

    will be complete with the board, adjustable paddle, removable fin, leg leash, and board carrying rack.

    Q: What materials are this board constructed with?

    A: The Wavestorm® 9ft6 Stand Up Paddle Board is constructed with a soft foam outer layer for comfort over a foam

    molded core with three marine-ply stringers for stability and rigidity. The bottom is a rigid polyethylene slick skin to

    enhanced speed and gliding. All materials have been tested for harmful epoxies and dyes for safety in the environment.

    Q: Do components and accessories float ?

    A: The adjustable paddle is designed to keep afloat in calm waters. Never allow components or accessories get away

    from user while in activity. Set components on land and then launch with appropriate components and accessories

    securely set for use.

    Q: How do I care for the board ?

    A: When not in use keep the board and accessories out of direct sunlight and extreme heat. Always wash board and components

    down with fresh water and store horizontally when possible. Avoid dropping, throwing, or standing the board on it's tail end during

    moving to storage and storing. Always inspect the paddle and components for any cracks, corrosion, unusual sounds or loose fittings

    before use. Do not use the paddle to push yourself from the shore, stop momentum, or pull a person from the water as this can cause

    the paddle or paddle blades to compromise.

    Q: What is the weight limit for users of this board ?

    A: This board will float up to 300 lbs. for a standard user. Please exercise caution and avoid having two users when possible on

    one board itself.

    Q: What is the Warranty on the Wavestorm 9ft6 Stand Up Paddle board ?

    Wavestorm™ standup paddle boards by AGIT Global, Inc. are warranted free of manufacturing and materials defects for thirty (30)

    days from the date of purchase. All claims must be made within thirty (30) days directly to AGIT or to the store where the Wavestorm™ Board was purchased with proof of purchase. Upon inspection that a manufacturing defect is present, AGIT will repair or replace the

    board with like merchandise at its sole discretion. No monetary refunds or exchanges will be made. Wavestorm™ Boards used for commercial purposes, rentals, surf schools and camps, are not warranted. Installation of any third party accessories, fins, grips and/or

    mounts, on the Wavestorm™ Board voids the warranty. Drilling, cutting into, affixing objects also voids the warranty. Wavestorm™ and AGIT Global, Inc. cannot warrant against damage and breakage of a board caused during its use. Damage to any Wavestorm™ Board

    resulting from wear and tear, misuse, exposure to the sun, heat or elements, or caused by the demands of the board when in use,

    including but not limited to boards that are wrecked, snapped, punctured, scraped, broken, crushed, compressed, dented, and fins or straps that are broken or damaged, or any other damage or breakage of any kind that is not caused by a manufacturing or materials defect, is not covered at any time even if such damage falls within the thirty (30) day warranty period.


    Ref: 1426290


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